Colorado Rockies Fail at Everything, Even Spelling

By Court Zierk
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I remember being a child, going to ballgames with my dad, and being overwhelmed with joy at the giveaways at the front gate. It was one of the highlights of the entire experience, and I even have some of that memorabilia to this very day.

Well, today was free-TroyTulowitzki-t-shirt-giveaway day at Coors Field, and fans were greeted at the gate with a commemorative No. 2 Colorado Rockies shirt. There’s only one problem though, they misspelled the man’s name.

Instead of going home with a shirt with Tulowitzki’s name inscribed across the back, fans instead were sent home paying homage to someone with the last name “Tulowizki.”

If there was any question about the inordinate haplessness occurring within the Rockies organization, well, let those doubts subside completely.

Not only is Tulowitzki their clear-cut best player, and one of the most talented players in the entire league, he is also one of the truly transcendental stars this franchise has ever have. It is basically the equivalent of the Denver Broncos sending fans home with a “Mannig” jersey.

Isn’t a native spell-checker embedded into every publishing program in existence? Undoubtedly, some people will be fired over this. Unfortunately, it won’t be the people we are all hoping for.

You can count out the Rockies every year from the pennant race by July, but you can never count them out for a monumental display of incompetence.

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