San Francisco Giants Paid Too Much for Jake Peavy in Trade with Boston Red Sox

By David Miller
Jake Peavy
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This morning, the San Francisco Giants traded a couple of minor league pitchers for Jake Peavy and on the surface it seems like a good move. After all, the Giants are without Matt Cain for a while and Peavy is a veteran starter with a proven track record.

When you look closer, however, you see that this deal is not as fruitful for San Francisco as it appears. It is a high-risk, high-price deal for a struggling veteran pitcher. The Giants seemed to have paid too much with the hopes that Peavy can return to form.

Look closely and you see that Peavy is not pitching well this season overall. He is 1-9 with a 4.72 ERA and has given up more home runs, 20, than any other starter in the American League. To get Peavy back to the National League, the Giants traded lefty Edwin Escobar and righty Heath Hembree to the Boston Red Sox. Hembree is slowly struggling his way through Triple-A, but he averages over 10 strikeouts per nine innings so the potential is certainly there. Escobar had been great until he met some struggles in his first year of Triple-A, but he generally averages over 10 strikeouts per nine innings as well.

If Peavy were a sure thing then this might make more sense, but he’s not. It is possible that he could benefit greatly from returning to the NL and rejoining his previous manager Bruce Bochy. It is possible that being around another set of guys will do some good as well as being back out on the West Coast. None of that is a guarantee, however.

The Giants might wish they had given the chance to some of their youngsters for a few weeks or even a month first instead of shipping off two promising pitchers for a struggling veteran who has a $15 million player option for 2015.

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