Joe Torre Continuing To Show He Is A Great Guy

By Arthur Dowell
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Former manager Joe Torre was newly inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame yesterday, and apparently forgot to mention a good portion of his speech that was talking about his former boss, late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. A day that was dedicated to Torre and five other baseball greats was a day they should have focused on them and their stories — it was not a day for the Yankees and their front office.

However, It was not as if Torre had forgotten all about Steinbrenner. He told the story of how he got the position with the Yankees, and said if he was meant to be a baseball manager, “this was going to be my best opportunity.” He mentioned Steinbrenner’s hiring process. Nobody could forget who was in charge all those years, and Torre just felt he did not say enough for the man responsible for giving him the job for which he credited his Hall of Fame induction to.

That should speak to Torre’s attitude and him being a good guy. Even after the fallout after the 2007 season, Torre still had a spot in his heart for the Steinbrenner family for giving him the opportunity to manage the Yankees. He has gone out and done various interviews, saying how horrible he felt leaving out Steinbrenner.

We just hope that a little error in his speech did not ruin a special moment for the man who deserved it. The day was for him to be thanked by the fans, writers, and everybody tied to the game of baseball for the work he has done for the game. Torre knew how to manage some of the best talent in the game and led them to reach their potential — and they came out with a dynasty together.

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