Milwaukee Brewers Shouldn’t Trade for Jon Lester

By Michael Terrill
Jon Lester
Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers are trying to give themselves an advantage in the second half of the season by acquiring an ace for their rotation. Yesterday, it was revealed that the Brewers were very interested in trading for Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher David Price. Now, it appears the team has turned their eyes to Boston Red Sox ace Jon Lester. As much as it is a good idea to go after Price, Milwaukee must stay away from Lester at all costs.

It is true that Lester would be huge for the Brewers down the stretch and be a leading reason why the team would win the NL Central. At this point, Milwaukee needs to make a significant move before Thursday’s trade deadline if they want to take their first place record and turn it into a World Series berth. However, acquiring Lester in a trade is a terrible idea.

Yes, he would be of great help this season, but he has already admitted that he plans to re-sign with the Red Sox once he hits free agency at the end of the year. That means Milwaukee would be giving up top prospects to simply have him for less than half of a season. On top of that, they would have to part ways with Jimmy Nelson, who is their No. 1 prospect and current starting pitcher on the major-league roster. Nelson has tremendous upside, which means it would not be worth giving him up for a player that will only make a handful of starts.

I admire that the Brewers want to bolster their rotation in a season that they could legitimately do something special. Unfortunately, Lester is not going to help in the long run. Of course, if Milwaukee wins the World Series because of the transaction, then any move is worth it.

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