New York Mets Should Not Make a Deal as Trade Deadline Approaches

By Robert DeVita
Troy Tulowitzki
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The trade deadline is looming, and like every year around this time the rumor mill is hot. The New York Mets have recently been linked to guys such as Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki. There also has been talk of them dealing Bartolo Colon, All-Star Daniel Murphy and top-prospect Noah Syndergaard. Nothing has been done yet, but I firmly believe that the Mets should stand their ground and hold onto all their pieces.

Look, as good as Tulo and Cargo are, I am not sold on trading away top of the line prospects for them. The Colorado Rockies are going to want a hefty ransom for each of the two All-Stars if they decide to deal them. Recent reports have said that the Mets would be willing to part with Syndergaard in a deal for Tulowitzki. If the Mets were one piece away from being a legitimate contender I would say that would be okay, but that just isn’t the case yet.

The Mets are on the rise, that is clear, and they have proven that to the rest of MLB this season. Now is not the right time to make a trade of that magnitude; personally I would not even part with the young talent for Tulowitzki or Gonzalez. Both have had the case of the injury bug over the course of their careers, and the last thing the Mets need is a star who cannot stay on the field. If Mets general manager Sandy Alderson wants to make a splash via trade it needs to be for someone who proves he can go out there and play 150-plus games a year.

If that is not going to happen he should hold onto his chips and let them develop like he has been doing. We have seen the talent that the Mets are pumping through their farm system, and right now there is no reason to trade any of those guys. Plain and simple, good pitching beats good hitting and we have seen that over the course of history. The Mets have a plethora of young arms at the Major League level already contributing to the team and many more coming through the system. So my question would be all of a sudden what is the rush to deal these guys?

Mets fans have waited for years for this team to finally get back on the right track, and it seems that is finally the case. Trading their young talent could be a hit or miss, but I certainly would not take that chance. Alderson knows what he is doing and he knows exactly what he has with this Mets team, so a big splash that will cost them an arm and a leg just isn’t like him at all.

As far as parting with Colon and Murphy, that too should not happen. The idea of trading Colon seems reasonable, but there are a few reasons why the Mets should hold onto him. One would be they simply would not get back a great deal for him, certainly not anyone who can contribute to this team in the near future. Another would be the simple fact that if the Mets want to make a run over the next two months, they need Colon to be a big part of it. Jacob deGrom is closing in on his innings limit, Dillon Gee, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Jonathon Niese have all been banged up this season. Trading Colon would leave a hole in the Mets’ rotation that might not be able to be filled at this point.

The Mets should also hang onto Murphy because he has been the team’s most consistent hitter all season long. Over the past month he has cooled down, but he is known for being somewhat of a streaky hitter. Another reason he needs to stay is because, like Colon, what would be the return for Murphy? It would not be worth it for the Mets to deal arguably their best hitter for a small package.

I personally think the Mets won’t be active at all when the deadline comes and goes. Once the deadline passes, I look forward to this team playing a solid brand of baseball for the last two months of the season.

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