2014 MLB Trade Deadline Too Much for Hardcore Baseball Fans?

By Illya Harrell
jon lester trade rumors
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It’s pretty safe to say that all sports writers have stopped writing about possible deals during the 2014 MLB trade deadline for fear that their article will be stale by the time it’s finished. Who is going to end up with Jon Lester? Will it be a small-market team like the Pittsburgh Pirates as Justin Broyles suggests in his viral RantSports article? Or will it be a larger-market team that has resided itself to the fact that the Tampa Bay Rays want too much for David Price?

Regardless, serious baseball fans are updating their MLB Twitter feeds every 30 seconds with greater excitement than opening day. Unlike the trading deadline, fans know what they’re going to get on opening day — either a win or a loss. Deadline deals are more akin to an 6-year-old’s milk and cookies for Santa. You never know what the day has in store for your favorite team or its rivals. You never know if your favorite team will pull a whopper that gives you an ear-to-ear smile, or a bonehead move that causes a sudden migraine.

Does Cincinnati Reds GM Walt Jocketty think his team is still in the hunt? Is he going to sell the farm for another elderly player with one good season left? Are the Los Angeles Dodgers going to score Price to — all but ensure — a World Series championship? Will Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. get frustrated and deal Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels for a bag of peanuts? What if Lester was scratched from tonight’s start due to a stomach virus?

With maddening possibilities, there are only three finite results for the hardcore baseball fan. Come tomorrow’s 4:00 p.m. deadline, they will either be jumping for joy, pulling their hair out or, due to inactivity, be left in a state of melancholia until the winter meetings.

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