Los Angeles Dodgers Not Trading Matt Kemp

By Michael Terrill
Matt Kemp
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The Los Angeles Dodgers plan to be big players before the day is over. Obviously, they will have to make a move soon as the MLB trade deadline comes to an end today at 3 p.m. CT. The Dodgers say they want to land a big-time pitcher that will give them an edge down the stretch, but they will not give up outfielder Matt Kemp or top prospects to get one.

“No one’s ever heard me say we’re shopping Matt Kemp. That’s all in another world,” Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said, according to Sports Illustrated. “It’s not like our needs are excessive. We’re trying to take it from good to great, perhaps. It’s not like we’ve got many holes to fill.”

Colletti certainly has a point. Los Angeles (61-47) has the best record in the National League. The team has arguably the best starting rotation in baseball and they have an offense that can consistently put up runs to go along with it. The Dodgers are one of the favorites to represent the NL in the World Series in 2014, and even better, there is a good chance it will happen. Basically, Los Angeles is just looking for one more part that can put them over the top and give them a huge advantage over their counterparts.

The one issue I have is Colletti stating that he never said he was trying to deal Kemp. I suppose there could be some truth to that, but then where did all of the Kemp trade talk come from? I mean, it is not like it started up yesterday. Kemp has been linked to the Boston Red Sox for months. I have to imagine there was at least one point in time that Colletti threw Kemp’s name out there in trade talks just to see who would bite.

Either way, the Dodgers are planning to acquire at least one pitcher before the deadline is over in order to bolster the starting rotation or bullpen, but they don’t plan to give up anyone of significance for it.

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