Philadelphia Phillies: Inactivity At Trade Deadline May Cost Ruben Amaro Jr. His Job

By David Goodman
Ruben Amaro Jr Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday was the non-waiver trade deadline for MLB, when teams generally either acquire players they need to go deep into the postseason or dump players that an organization feels is weighing them down. For the Philadelphia Phillies, no one was exactly sure what to expect. Everyone knew the Phillies needed to sell and try to begin rebuilding, but it was a mystery what Ruben Amaro Jr. would actually do as he seemingly thinks the team just needs some “retooling.”

Well, now we know.

Four o’clock came and went and the Phillies did nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. They didn’t move a single player, and if you believe what is being said, no one should be surprised. Apparently, Amaro Jr.’s asking price for players such as Marlon Byrd or Cliff Lee was so over the top that most team didn’t even bother to answer his phone call. The closest the team came to puling the trigger on a deal was with the New York Yankees for Byrd, but in the end it fell through.

And in typical Amaro Jr. fashion, he blames the other teams for the Phillies not doing a thing at the deadline. He apparently feels that the organizations the Phillies were talking to weren’t being aggressive. This tweet from Todd Zolecki, beat writer for, perfectly illustrates his delusion:

Didn’t believe players offered would help them? Maybe the contracts of those aforementioned players are what wouldn’t help them. Or the fact that the players were older. Or the fact that no matter how much money the Phillies would have ate, they just weren’t worth what the Phillies were asking.

The end result is that Phillies fans are not happy at all. So much so that the hashtag #FireRuben began to trend on Twitter in Philadelphia shortly after the trade deadline had come and gone. If there was a better example of how frustrated the Phillies faithful are with this situation, I would be hard pressed to find it.

Of course, the Phillies could still make some kind of move in August. But at this point, would it be enough to stop fans from saying they want Amaro Jr. fired, or would it be too little too late?

I have a feeling that once the season comes to an end, the #FireRuben crowd may get their wish.

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