New York Mets Should Recall Matt den Dekker

By Bryan Zarpentine
Matt den Dekker Mets
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There’s been a lot of rumblings in recent days about the New York Mets recalling outfielder Matt den Dekker, who was on a tear throughout the month of July since his last sting in the big leagues. But instead of talking about it, the Mets need to bringing back den Dekker right away, give him a chance to play, and see if his hot hitting will continue and help the team win some games.

After putting up an astounding line of .420/.508/.630 in the month of July, it’s clear that den Dekker has completed his mastery of the triple-A level and is ready to be in the big leagues on a permanent basis. After a month like that, it’s foolish for the Mets to wait around and let him cool off before promotion him and giving him another chance.

Granted, den Dekker hit just .156 with two extra-base hits in 45 big-league at bats this season, but it’s not as if the Mets are getting a lot of production from the players who are currently getting playing time in left field. At this point, Chris Young, Bobby Abreu and Eric Young Jr. are all expendable from the roster, and none of them are more deserving of playing time than den Dekker.

Moreover, den Dekker is a better defensive option than any of those three players, and bringing him back to the big leagues would give the Mets another option in center field behind Juan Lagares. If Lagares starts to struggle, or needs a day off, the Mets won’s have to use either Young or Curtis Granderson in center field, as both are a huge drop-off defensively from Lagares, whereas den Dekker is not.

The Mets simply aren’t getting enough production out of left field at the moment, and with time running out to get into the playoff hunt, they can’t afford to wait to make a move. The move for Sandy Alderson to make is to bring back den Dekker in the midst of a hot streak and play him in left field every day; at this point, he can’t do any worse than the other players the Mets are trotting out there on a daily basis.

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