George Springer’s Re-Injured Quad Must be Allowed to Heal Completely

By David Miller
George Springer
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The Houston Astros are not where they were last summer. There was little hope of keeping the loss column under triple digits last year but this year that goal is very real. With such an important hurdle in mind, the Astros and their fans are clearly upset to hear the news that young star George Springer re-injured his quad in a rehab game on Wednesday.

It is never good news for a key player to injure a quad. Generally some muscle group is going to get hurt every few seasons or so, but you really hate for it to be the quad. If there is one injury that needs to heal to absolute 100 percent before Springer rejoins his team, it is the quad. This is highlighted of course by the re-injuring of it in the rehab game.

While this is not good news for Springer, or the Astros, perspective can help us see things more clearly. The goal for the Astros isn’t the postseason this year. They want to lose less than 100 games. It is a serious milestone for them as a franchise but it is not worth risking the health of someone with the long-term value of Springer.

Even if he has to stay out of action well into September and the team gets well into the 90’s in losses, the Astros will certainly need this kid next season a lot more than they need him this year. In fact, it would be better for him to miss the rest of the 2014 season than to do something really bad to his legs or back because of playing hurt. It isn’t worth it. Let this kid get healthy before he rehabs again.

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