Miami Marlins' Dan Jennings Brings Padded Caps Back to Limelight After Taking Hit to the Head

By David Miller
Dan Jennings
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The debate over whether or not MLB pitchers should wear some type of protective head cover fades shortly after each pitcher turns out to be okay. It really shouldn’t fade, however, and we all remember why every time someone gets beaned by a liner in the head. It has happened again, this time to Miami Marlins pitcher Dan Jennings. Though he seems to be better than could be expected, the debate will rise again as it should.

Jordy Mercer hit a sharp liner that caught Jennings right in the head. He never lost consciousness and seemed to be in decent spirits when he was taken off of the field, but the event is as scary as they come. There is no telling if he will have a concussion or not yet, but we can assume he will suffer one at the very least. The debate is whether or not pitchers should have to wear protective caps on the mound.

No protective or padded cap is perfect, but in this situation, the already available padded cap would have probably been effective in deflecting some of the blow. At some point we have to wonder if the way a cap looks should really matter as much as protecting the players in this game.

Yes, this is baseball and there are fans that will say if you can’t take the pain or the risk, then don’t play, but that is just fluff. Not one single player on the diamond on either the Marlins or the Pittsburgh Pirates was thinking that Jennings should just tough it out because he plays baseball. These things are scary and something should be done about it now.

After all, if someone was seriously hurt or worse, you know something would be mandated immediately. Why do we have to wait that long? Nothing is perfect, but we should at least have something padded for some protection given to pitchers to wear now. For once, lets not wait until someone is maimed for life or killed before something is done.

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