New York Mets’ Blunder in Giving Out Philadelphia Phillies Trucks is an All-Timer

By Mike Gibson
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Neither the New York Mets nor the Philadelphia Phillies have been having a good season, but at least the Mets have been having a better one on the field of play.

In the promotional department, the Phillies might have it all over them after this blunder during a recent Mets’ truck giveaway at Citi Field.

Look closely at the driver’s side door of the truck above. Yes, that’s a Phillies logo. Apparently not all of the trucks given out had the logo of the Phillies on it, but at least some of them did. That’s about as bad as it gets. There is no more heated rivalry in the NL East than that of the Phillies and the Mets. It’s a little like New York Yankees giving out Boston Red Sox logos or a Temple T appearing on a Rutgers helmet.

The company in question, W.B. Mason, is one that sponsors both Phillies and Mets games, and there is a lot of cross-promotion going on in both stadiums. Evidently, a worker inadvertently (maybe) slapped a few Phillies’ logos on the trucks when they left the factory. Still, you’ve got to believe that at least one Mets worker would have spotted the blunder before handing out the item.

At least the people who received the few misidentified trucks will have a collector’s item for a while, and they are probably worth a lot more than the other trucks. On the field, the rivalry continues Friday night.

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