Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper Shows That He Has Forgotten The Past

By Jacob Dennis
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Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper was born in 1992, meaning he is 21 years old. That means that from the time Harper was born to the time he was 13 years old, the Atlanta Braves won their division title 13 times. Granted, the Nationals were in Montreal then and were known as the “Expos,” but that isn’t the point.

Harper undoubtedly thinks he’s being cute, but let’s take a deeper look at his disrespectful act on Saturday. First of all, Harper hasn’t been in the league long enough to disrespect anybody, especially a storied franchise like the Braves. It’s a childish move that is only going to give Harper more haters than he already has.

Second of all, why would anybody blatantly disrespect a team that has owned yours ever since you entered the league? The last 35 times Washington has played Atlanta, the Braves have posted a 25-10 record, or a winning percentage of .714. That isn’t even mentioning the fact that baseball has “unwritten rules,” and I’m not even sure what those say about “defacing the opposition’s logo,” but I’m pretty sure that no major leaguer has ever been childish enough to do so. 

Harper got a visit from karma shortly thereafter, as an Aaron Harang pitch hit Harper’s bat near his surgically-repaired thumb, causing the outfielder to writhe in pain. Then, Harper reached first base with one out, but proceeded to run all the way to third on a fly ball that was caught in center field and was easily doubled off of first.

Atlanta vs. Washington is slowly becoming a heated rivalry, but the best players respond to rivalries by performing at elite levels. Harper certainly isn’t considered one of the league’s best, so it’s only appropriate that he resorts to childish antics to make himself feel a part of the Braves vs. Nats divisional race.

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