Philadelphia Phillies Must Make Jonathan Papelbon/Detroit Tigers Deal Happen

By David Goodman
Jonathan Papelbon Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you have managed to watch the Philadelphia Phillies at all this year (which has not been easy), then you know the positives fans can take away from the 2014 season are few and far between. There is very little to get excited about or anything to make you think that the Phillies have any hope of being a contender again.

But if you want to feel better about the Phillies, there is nothing that works better than watching Ken Giles pitch.

Giles, who was called up earlier this season from the Phillies’ farm system, has been nothing short of amazing on the mound. His ERA is an inhuman 1.50 through 23 games with a record of 1-0, and he has gotten the rest of MLB‘s attention with his 100 mph fastball, which has quickly become his signature pitch. It has already earned him the very cool nickname “100-Mile” Giles and has most fans wanting to see the 23-year-old right-hander in the closer spot, currently being occupied by Jonathan Papelbon.

Papelbon has made it very clear that he would love nothing more than to be traded to a team that is headed to the postseason. Most thought he would be dealt at the trade deadline, but then again, most people thought Ruben Amaro Jr. would have done something other than sit on his hands.

The word is now that Papelbon has cleared waivers, the Detroit Tigers, who are desperate for some bullpen help, are very interested in bringing him to Detroit, despite his past issues with “soreness.” It could be a win/win for both parties, as Papelbon gets to pitch for a contender and the Phillies can unload a closer on the downward trajectory of his career, even if they do have to eat a good portion of his contract.

The best part of the whole deal is that would open the door for “100-Mile” Giles to step into the closer role and see how it fits. At this point in a season such as the Phillies are having, this is when you start bringing up the young guys, see what they can do, and start making plans for next season. Giving Giles an opportunity to fill the closer role would be a great move, and it would tell the Phillies if it’s a position they need to worry about in 2015 or not.

And Papelbon would no longer be a Phillie, which would be a plus for everybody.

But for any of this to happen, Amaro Jr. has to make the deal with the Tigers happen, and soon. They need pitching help and should be very receptive to any offer Amaro Jr. makes. You know, if he remembers how to make an offer, that is.

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