Chris Carter Is On Fire, Carrying Houston Astros' Offense

By Lucas Davis
Chris Carter
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The  Houston Astros have needed offense in the worst way and luckily for them, designated hitter Chris Carter is in the midst of being in the hottest zone of his career. His average is on the rise and his power numbers continue to soar. Shortening his swing is paying huge dividends as he continued his assault on the majors in a win against the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night, 10-3. Carter is carrying the entire Astros lineup with his big bat.

Carter hit two more home runs against the Twins, giving him 28 for the season. That’s his fourth multi-home run game during this very good stretch of hitting. He hit 29 home runs all throughout last year and is on pace to easily surpass that number. He also drove in five more runs to go along with his pair of long balls, giving him a team-leading 66 RBIs on the year. Since July 1, he has hit 15 home runs and driven 36 runs.

His average over the last month is .320, now .230 on the season, and he has it all to thank to the short swing he has adapted. He is showing better patience at the plate and getting to the ball quickly with his bat. He is still striking out at a somewhat high rate, but it isn’t as much as before the swing change. He is turning into a very reliable designated hitter.

The Astros are going to need a full-time designated hitter within the next couple of years. Carter, who is 27 years old, is still relatively young and could be in the team’s plans for the future. His home run numbers can’t be ignored for a league that requires as much hitting as possible. If he can figure out a way to hit .250 a season to go along with his effortless power swing, he is going to make a lot of money.

He is arbitration eligible next year, which is no big deal for an Astros payroll that can easily take on money. If the Astros stick to their trend over the last couple years, they will probably be offering a contract to lock him up for a while if they feel he is going to contribute to their team in the long-term. It all depends on how he can finish the season. With about a month and a half left to go, he has a chance to put power numbers that haven’t been seen for a long time in Houston.

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