Could The Boston Red Sox Be Looking To Trade For Cole Hamels?

By Nick Villano
Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies are currently rumored to be aggressively scouting the Boston Red Sox. They have a ton of great prospects who have gone from untouchable to possibly moveable. These prospects could turn into Phillies ace Cole Hamels.

Hamels was claimed last week by the Chicago Cubs, but the two teams could not agree on a deal. That leaves open the chance for other teams to sneak in and make a move on the 30 year old.

The Red Sox just decided to get rid of their own left-handed ace when they traded Jon Lester to the Oakland Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes. They made that move because they were unsure about how much Lester was going to command, which will not be a problem when it comes to Hamels. He is currently signed to a contract through 2019 (the last year is an option), which means they know exactly how long they have control of him.

The Red Sox have plenty of prospects who could help the rebuild of the Phillies. They have Jackie Bradley Jr. and Xander Bogaerts, who aren’t playing up to their potential. Despite their disappointing major league seasons, they still have a ton of value. They also have an extremely deep farm system. The Sox will have enough to make this trade happen.

This could be a win-win move for both teams. Ruben Amaro Jr. is hanging on to his job by a thread after the Phillies watched the trade deadline come and go without making a move. They need to take advantage of the waiver deadline if Amaro will have any chance of keeping his job. Getting some of last year’s best prospects while losing a $22 million contract will do just that.

This is a move that needs to happen for both sides. Unless the Cubs come back into the picture and offer some of their top prospects, the Phillies will need to take the Red Sox’s offer. It will most likely be the best they will get on the market.

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