New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Will Continue What Bud Selig Started

By Kareem Gantt
Rob Manferd
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Bud Selig transformed Major League Baseball. He has carried baseball through some of its darkest times (1994 Strike, the Steroids scandal), and has also led the league through some of its brighter moments.

So it came as no surprise that the vote on Thursday on who would be replacing Selig was more about honoring him, as team owners anointed league executive Rob Manfred as the 10th commissioner in the game’s history:

Manfred was Selig’s hand- picked choice as his successor. Manfred is a Harvard-educated labor attorney who has been side-by-side with Selig throughout his tenure in the majors. He beat out Boston Red Sox chairman Tom Werner for the job as baseball’s top man.

The election of Manfred will allow the league to continue on the path that Selig has the game on right now. Selig’s policies have made team owners unprecedentedly wealthy, and teams have greater control over their operations than they had before he was anointed commissioner  in 1992.

Manfred will keep those same polices intact, and that made it easy for owners to bow down to Selig’s wishes and pushed him to the top. So don’t look for Manfred to be another Adam Silver. What I would love to see from Manfred is a greater crackdown on steroids, and a salary cap would be nice too, which would give markets not so flushed with cash more of a chance to compete with the big boys.

But other than that, Manfred is a solid choice for commissioner. Despite some negative news, the game has never been healthier. And Manfred will do whatever he can to keep the game going strong.

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