Troy Tulowitzki Injury Further Clouds Future With Colorado Rockies

By Sean Walsh
What Happens Now with Troy Tulowitzki?: Colorado Rockes
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Another season for the Colorado Rockies and yet another season-ending injury suffered by shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. This time, Tulowitzki will have surgery on his left hip in order to repair a torn labrum. Tulowitzki finishes the 2014 season batting .340 in just 91 games with 21 home runs and 52 RBIs. During his eight-year tenure with Colorado, Tulowitzki has really only had healthy seasons in 2007, 2009 and 2011.

Tulowitzki is a great talent who provides unbelievable defensive skills for the Rockies with great pop at the plate for a shortstop. However, Tulowitzki has proven to be injury-prone and seems unhappy in Colorado.

While on the disabled list, Tulowitzki publicly expressed his displeasure in regards to the Rockies’ inability to win. Whether people agree with him or not, Tulowitzki should not go there in public while on the disabled list. In years past, his season-ending injuries were often the result of a huge collapse by the team.

If Tulowitzki would have said those comments in-house it would have looked much better for the shortstop in regards to his character. Tulowitzki’s teammate and fellow All-Star Carlos Gonzalez has also battled injuries over the past two seasons. Gonzalez has gone about his business without publicly criticizing the team. Perhaps Tulowitzki could take a lesson from Gonzalez in regards to how to control his mouth while being injured as one of the team leaders on a losing team.

What should the Rockies do with Tulowitzki in the future? The recovery time from this latest injury is expected to take five months. Tulowitzki is due $118 million over the next six years, and the Rockies have a team option in 2021.

Tulowitzki’s numbers are fantastic. However, his salary and the fact that he is injury-prone will make him difficult to trade, even to the Yankees. The Rockies need to clean house this offseason beginning with general manager Dan O’Dowd and manager Walt Weiss. Colorado seems to find a different way to lose every night, and injuries are becoming a tiresome excuse.

After this is done, the new front office and coaching staff needs to sit down with Tulowitzki and make sure his head and heart are with the Rockies. If a change within the organization cannot change Tulowitzki’s feelings about the team, Colorado will continue to lose for the next half-decade.

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