Chicago Cubs' Best Pitching Prospect Is Rookie Kyle Hendricks

By Brandon Bell
Kyle Hendricks
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs called up Kyle Hendricks to make his MLB debut July 10. Since then, his immediate success has earned him a spot in the Cubs’ starting rotation. With his ceiling projected as a No. 4 starter in the rotation, Hendricks was 18th on the top 20 prospects in the deep Cubs organization. He has reached his ceiling at the age of 24 with room to surpass his previous projection.

Hendricks has posted over 41 innings in just six starts with a 1.73 ERA prior to today’s day game against the New York Mets. The Cubs have a below average staff allowing for Hendricks to have the opportunity to succeed. As his pitches are not overpowering, his command has progressed him quickly through the minors since coming over from a 2012 trade with the Texas Rangers involving Ryan Dempster.

Hendricks got the opportunity to start in MLB once the Cubs traded Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija to the Oakland Athletics for prized prospect Addison Russell. The Cubs front office had a plan. They based the trade off of their plans for the future and brought up Hendricks to analyze how he would compare against MLB competition.

Unlike many organizations in baseball, the Cubs planning for future performance will only sacrifice the next few years for a decade of contending years. Hendricks has succeeded this far into his rookie season, but next year will be the ultimate test to see how competition changes once they face him for a second time around.

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