Philadelphia Phillies Should Not Sign Rusney Castillo

By Brandon Bell
Rusney Castillo
Getty Images

The next Cuban star, Rusney Castillo, has drawn interest from every team in MLB, but only a few organizations can pay for the hefty contract. The Philadelphia Phillies are one of those teams. With comparisons to Yasiel Puig and Jose Abreu, Castillo could earn a contract more than both of those players due to their immediate success in MLB.

Yet, scouts say Puig and Abreu have increased Castillo’s value so much that it will be difficult for him to live up to the contract he will receive.

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are front-runners in the Castillo sweepstakes simply because they can afford the contract that many teams cannot. The Phillies should not sign Castillo because they are not likely to win within the next few years. Teams going for Castillo should be teams that have their eye on the World Series, eliminating Philadelphia from the running.

The Phillies have extremely large contracts on their current roster, and most are to underperforming players. Ruben Amaro Jr. has been known for giving long-term contracts to his players, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he offered Castillo the same.

Amaro needs to recognize that the Phillies are at least three to four years away from contending. With very few prospects within their organization, the Phillies will have to wait until the offseason to make moves toward the future. Rusney may become the next Cuban star, but the Phillies need to pass on him in order for the fans to be convinced that they are preparing for the future.

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