Batting Title for Philadelphia Phillies’ Ben Revere Would Be Misleading

By Mike Gibson
ben revere, Philadelphia Phillies,
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Thumb through the batting leaders in the back pages of any newspaper in America and Ben Revere’s name appears No. 3. If the Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder wins the batting title, it will probably be the most meaningless accomplishment in the history of baseball.

That’s because Revere’s job is to get on base and score runs and, despite getting those hits, production is so meager in other areas he’s not worth keeping around. Even though he is third in the league in hitting, Revere has not walked since July 5 and he only has 17 hits with runners in scoring position, good for only 13 RBIs. Playing a power position like centerfield, Revere needs to give the Phillies more than he’s given them.

Even while hitting .311, Revere’s OPS+ is only 97, while the league average is 100. He’s on pace to score 70 runs for the season. Other leadoff hitters have already passed that number—Brian Dozier (82), Matt Carpenter (80) and Brett Gardner (76). Dozier has driven in 53 runs and Carpenter 48. Compared to Revere’s 13 RBI, those are massive differences. Revere’s .311 is without a doubt the most hollow batting average in baseball history.

The other sad fact involving Revere has been his play on the other side of the ball. Largely through taking questionable routes on fly balls to the outfield, the Phillies are ranked last in the NL in defensive runs saved (minus 23), with 70 percent of that total attributable to Revere (16).

If Revere wins the batting title, good for him—but definitely not for the Phillies, who need more production out of that position.

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