What Can Rusney Castillo Bring To Boston Red Sox?

By spencergerman
Red Sox in pursuit of Rusney Castillo to bolster lineup
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It was reported Tuesday that the Boston Red Sox are one of several teams right in the thick of things in attempting to sign highly-touted Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo, who has been described as “raw” by a number of scouts even at age 27. His natural power at the plate is his biggest asset for MLB scouts. In 360 games with Cuba, Castillo batted .319/.383/.516 while blasting 51 home runs and stealing 76 bases.

His speed obviously gives him great range in the outfield, but his arm is described as just “okay.” Regardless, after a pitiful offensive effort from the Red Sox this season, they are all-in on bolstering their batting order from top to bottom.

Castillo would be a great addition to the Boston lineup with his speed and power. Being as quick as he is described, he could serve as a solid leadoff hitter for the Red Sox, who have lacked production from that spot since the departure of Jacoby Ellsbury. His power may do more damage in the middle of the order, but that is an area already taken care of with the addition of Yoenis Cespedes.

If finding a spot for Castillo in the lineup is Boston’s biggest worry though, it’s a problem they’d like to have.

Defensively, just imagine an outfield of Cespedes, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Castillo. Yikes. Two of the three have rocket arms, two of the three have incredible speed. That trio will be turning extra-base hits into singles, throwing people out at the plate and making SportsCenter Top 10 plays on a nightly basis. It would be a nightmare for hitters.

We also can’t forget however, that Shane Victorino and Allen Craig, both currently on the DL, are both under contract with the Red Sox as well.

That leads me to believe that Boston will look to trade some of these outfielders, along with some of their talented prospects. Having so much depth and youth works in their favor for sure. It is no secret that the Red Sox are big fans of Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Boston put together a deal this winter to try and land the outfielder.

Even if they choose not to pursue Stanton, the Red Sox will obviously have some decisions to make in regards to their onslaught of outfielders.

The trade possibilities aside though, Castillo could obviously have an immediate impact on Boston himself. The Cuban reportedly began looking through the offers extended to him last Friday, so he is expected to make a decision any day now. Castillo is being represented by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

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