Why Rusney Castillo Signing Should Make Red Sox Nation Feel Good

By Carter Roane
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Let’s face it, this has been an absolutely forgettable season for the Boston Red Sox. They are destined for their second last place finish in three years and one has to wonder if the World Championship they won last year was more of an outlier than anything else. One of the main reasons Boston has been so bad is because of the offense in the outfield which has been historically inept. However, help could be on the way.

The Red Sox recently agreed to terms with Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo. We don’t know much about him and there is very little game footage showing what he can do. The comparisons that may come the closest is he might be similar to a Rajai Davis or a Shane Victorino (remember him?). So not a star, but certainly someone that can make an impact on the game with their speed which has been sorely lacking for Boston this season.

This move should make every Boston fan feel good. The Red Sox are finally spending like that big market team that they are. Instead of sitting around and waiting for prospects to mature which blew up in their face this year, they are reloading as best as they can especially facing a free agent market with almost no quality outfielders. Ben Cherington knows that he needs to reload and to do it quickly and this was a great way to achieve that. It looks like finally the ownership is on board with that. This could make for the start of a very interesting offseason. Boston has the money and the trading chips to get almost anyone they want.

Say what you will about the New York Yankees, but every year they spend somewhere and you know what? For the most part, they are in contention every year. There is no shame in Boston doing the same thing. They need to start acting like the big market team they are. Castillo is definitely a big step in that direction.

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