Chicago Cubs Show More Talent By Calling Up Jorge Soler

By Nick Villano
Jorge Soler Chicago Cubs
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs have been in full rebuilding mode pretty much since they found out Alfonso Soriano was not the key to end a century long championship drought. They continue to show off their stacked minor leagues by calling up highly touted prospect Jorge Soler to the major league roster.

The 22-year-old was hitting .340 with 5 RBIs in 62 minor league games. Coming into the season, Baseball America ranked him as the the No. 41 best prospect in all of baseball. Now we get to see how he does against fellow MLB talents.

The Cubs called up fellow top prospect Javier Baez a couple weeks ago, and he has been tearing the cover off the ball (when he gets a hold of it). The Cubs also have Addison Russell and Kris Bryant in the minors, who could be held there until September for future contract and arbitration reasons.

Coming off this season’s trade deadline, the Cubs have by far the best prospects in the majors. That doesn’t even count young studs Anthony Rizzo and Jake Arrieta, who are both breaking out this season. They are the talk of the minor league town. They could very well be a dominant team in five years.

When you have so many great prospects, you have to try some of them out. Soler has outplayed every league he played in this season. Now it is time for him to get experience in the big leagues. He played better than many expected him to play this season. Before the season began, many thought he was a year away. This call up shows that they were wrong. This could be the last time Soler ever sees a minor league field.

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Check out the Cubs schedule to see Soler live in action in his first year in the big leagues!

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