New York Mets' David Wright Must Swallow his Pride This Time Around

By Robert DeVita
David Wright
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

No one will ever doubt the toughness of New York Mets‘ captain David Wright, but right now it is evident that he is hurting. He has been dealing with a shoulder injury since right before the All-Star break and now it appears he is dealing with a neck injury. His play has definitely been affected by these injures, his numbers are nowhere near where they should be.

Wright has stayed in the lineup because he is a gamer and no one will ever question him if he had to miss time to get right. He is the face of a young team and he is trying to set an example for the young guys. Right now the Mets are way out of the playoff race and he is not helping himself or his team by being out there. He hasn’t hit a lick since the All-Star break and it’s not because he lost it or anything, it is clearly due to the fact that he is playing injured.

Since the All-Star break Wright is batting .215 with no home runs and eight RBIs. This guy is a premier player in this league his talent just doesn’t go away; I’m not making an excuse for him because it is just a fact that he is injured. He can hide it all he wants but he’s hurt, I know it and so does everyone else who follows this team. This is not the David Wright we all know.

I commend Wright for sticking it out for this long but there comes a time when enough is enough. He is not getting any better by continuing to play through the injury; so the best thing for him to do is sit out a couple of weeks and get right. The Mets have way too much invested in Wright and they really cannot afford him risking further injury at this point.

I would totally understand if the Mets were fighting for a playoff spot and Wright was playing through the injury. That is not the case here so Wright needs to swallow his pride and take a seat for a little while. It really wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for him at this point. If anything it would only benefit him since he has struggled so much over the second half of the season.

Moving forward I believe it is only a matter of time before Wright opens up and tells everyone that he is in fact playing hurt. He is way too good of a ball player to be playing this poorly right now and the injury has all what to do with it. No Mets’ fan should be disappointed if he eventually does go down because it would be the best thing for both David Wright and the Mets.

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