Philadelphia Phillies Beating Washington Nationals Another Example of Too Little, Too Late

By Mike Gibson
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So, the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Seattle Mariners and St. Louis Cardinals in a series and followed that up with two-straight wins over the Washington Nationals, the second coming on Tuesday night.

Impressed? I did not think so. It’s a complete joke that with the pressure off, the Phillies have won three-straight series, even over three good teams. What, exactly, does that prove? Here’s what: this team is not ready for prime time and excels in a situation where they can be a spoiler, not a player.

If the Phillies were really any good, they would have won in June and July when it mattered, not in late August when it doesn’t. The only good thing that happened for the Phillies on Tuesday night in a 4-3 win over the Nationals was that a pair of young replacement players, Darin Ruf and Freddy Galvis, did well, as both hit homers.

Fans can take or leave Galvis, who is viewed primarily as a career utility player, but the Ruf performance is important in the sense that he provides a real alternative to the futility of trotting that Ryan Howard is every day. The Phillies are nine games out of the final Wild Card spot and since the date is late August, it’s just not going to happen for them this season. It might happen next season, but only if the Phillies are committing to putting a young player like Ruf in the lineup and getting rid of an old guy like Howard. Galvis has a role as a late-inning defensive replacement until the cavalry arrives in the form of a shortstop of the future named J. P. Crawford.

Until then, whatever winning being done now means absolutely nothing, and deep down, every Phils fan realizes that.

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