Astros Fan Unseats 50 Cent for Worst First Pitch of All Time

By RantSports Staff

As you can see by the video above, 50 Cent no longer holds the crown as the king of worst first pitches.

This Houston Astros fan, who is not named for obvious reasons, had the chance to throw out the first pitch, but wasn’t quite ready to handle the pressure that comes with stepping onto a major league field. Instead, she spiked the baseball as if she were playing football over at Reliant Stadium. The best part, though, is the reaction from the Astros’ mascot, Orbit.

This isn’t football. We know you were nervous, but at least get the sport right.

We’re hoping this will be the last time we have to put together a “Worst First Pitch Ever” post, but we’d temper expectations.

H/T to Next Impulse

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