Jack Zduriencik Lucked Out With Contract Extension From Seattle Mariners

By David Miller
Jack Zduriencik
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Going through the 2013 regular season, Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik was well known to be firmly on the hot seat. Right next to him on that hot seat was manager Eric Wedge. The Mariners hadn’t been to the postseason since 2001 and there were no signs of the young talent turning things around. At the end of the season, Wedge got the ax and Zduriencik got one more chance.

Who knows why they gave the GM another chance and not the manager, but for whatever reason, they did. The result was a lot more money poured out to a certain second baseman named Robinson Cano. What did the Mariners get for the $24 million they owe Cano for the next 10 years? It would seem they won a great chance at the postseason and Zduriencik won himself a contract extension.

It might seem like it isn’t fair that they cut Wedge loose, threw a bunch of money at the problem, and suddenly found success. One hot seat resident lost his job while the other gets rewarded. It seems unfair because frankly, it is. Who’s to say that if they had thrown that much money at the problem and kept Wedge, they still wouldn’t have had success? The fact is that they probably would have.

So, Wedge was the unlucky one while Zduriencik gets to benefit from the extra cash he was given to make a difference. I guess maybe he was just a little bit better at negotiating with his bosses or something. Either way, the fans of the Mariners likely do not care. They have a winning team again. Who cares why? Zduriencik certainly doesn’t.

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