New York Mets' Matt den Dekker Not Long-term Answer in Left Field

By Robert DeVita
Matt den Dekker
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I actually happen to be a fan of New York Mets‘ outfielder Matt den Dekker, but I don’t think he is the long-term answer in left field for this team. I think he will eventually come into his own in the big leagues and be a decent outfielder, but I just don’t see it being with the Mets or happening anytime soon. The Mets need an answer in that position as soon as possible, which means it will have to come during the offseason.

Den Dekker can go get it out in the outfield with the best of them, he has showed off his glove in his short time with the Mets. The reason he isn’t an answer for the Mets though is his bat, he just hasn’t hit a lick in his time in MLB. This year den Dekker has played 29 games, he is batting .193 with no home runs, three RBIs and has struck out 21 times.

Obviously this is a very small sample of work, but the Mets need a proven guy out there to fill the position. Another thing about den Dekker is that it isn’t like he is a 21-year-old kid, he’s already 27 years old and hasn’t broken on the scene yet. If he was younger, I definitely could be patient with this guy because of how good of a defender he is, but he isn’t. And because he isn’t hitting, it will be hard for him to make a name for himself in this league right now.

The Mets need to go out this offseason and bring in a big bat who can be an immediate difference maker. If that happens I would love to see den Dekker as the fourth outfielder, he can play all three of the positions and hopefully he can hit enough to be a good bench player on this team. I just can’t see him hitting enough to be the long-term everyday answer for the Mets.

Over the course of his minor league career it took him a little bit of time to get adjusted on each level. That may or may not be the case on the major league level, but I don’t think the Mets can wait around for something that necessarily might not happen. We have seen just how bad the Mets offense has been this year with the expectations of Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda. They cannot have another guy in their lineup give them little to no offensive contributions.

Sometimes you can live with someone whose defense outshines their offense, but the Mets cannot do that. They need all the offense they can get and that will mean going out and acquiring someone who can pack a punch. If they can go out and do that, it will make them an overall better team, even if it means they downgraded defensively in order to get back offense.

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