Philadelphia Phillies Should Call Up Aaron Nola Over Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

By Brandon Bell
Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On Sept. 1, MLB expands the rosters to 40 players until the end of the season. Teams that will play in the playoffs need to have their players on their final regular season game roster for eligibility purposes. The Philadelphia Phillies will definitely not make the playoffs this season, but younger talented players will attempt to prove themselves at the major league level. Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez will be called up despite his struggles in the minors.

Gonzalez was signed to a three-year deal worth $18 million last offseason. He began in A-plus ball and has advanced to Triple-A with only 43 innings of minor league experience. Similar to Gonzalez has been the first-round pick of the 2014 draft, Aaron Nola. Nola (21 years old) has outperformed Gonzalez (27 years old) in the minors, but keeping younger players in the minors has been the norm. When have the Phillies ever gone with the norm?

I would rather call up both Nola and Gonzalez this September, but Nola will likely continue to pitch in the minors. I believe Nola will become an above average pitcher in his career. Gonzalez will likely hit his ceiling as a setup man. Gonzalez’s contract will be useless if he doesn’t reach the majors. The Phillies are only calling him up because of the contract they gave him.

I very well could be wrong about Gonzalez, but I just believe in giving younger players a chance to play when they have outperformed older players in the minors. Nola should be called up, and the Phillies would be wrong not to do just that.

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