New York Mets Have Owned the Philadelphia Phillies in 2014

By Robert DeVita
New York Mets
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For a number of years, the Philadelphia Phillies have not just beaten the New York Mets, but they flat out owned them. The tide has changed here in 2014 and even though the Mets are well under the .500 mark, they have had their way with the Phillies. This afternoon was the final game of the teams’ 18 meetings and the Mets would come out victorious 6-5.

With today’s win, the Mets finished off the season series with a record of 12-6 against the Phillies. That is by far their best record against any team, and what is even more impressive about that 12-6 mark, the Mets went 8-2 in Philadelphia. For years, Citizen Bank Park has been cruel to the Mets, but with the Phillies’ age catching up with them, it has allowed the Mets to take the upper hand in this rivalry.

It became evident that the Mets were going to control the season series when these teams met at the end of May in Philadelphia for what was a five-game series. It was originally supposed to be a four-game set, but due to a prior rain out, the game was rescheduled to be played as part of the series. The Mets would go on and take four out of the five games and if it wasn’t for a Chris Young’s dropped fly ball, the Mets might have taken all five.

That was the series that made me realize that the Mets should no longer fear the Phillies — their time has come and gone. The Phillies have all the same faces but the production is nowhere near what it used to be. That is the nature of the game — the core of this team is just too old and they need to break it up. That is why they have been so bad this season. The Mets simply out-played the Phillies head-to-head all season long. The Mets owned every aspect of the game over the course of the season series.

It is hard to believe that the once dominant Phillies, who always have had the Mets number, went 6-12 against them this season. Guys like Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard have killed the Mets for years, but now it seems like their age has just caught up with them. Don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that Howard can barely move, he still hits a home run every time these teams meet. It’s not that they have completely shut these guys down — the Mets have handled them and not made the mistake of letting these guys beat them.

Even though the Mets have handled the Phillies it still doesn’t change the fact that they are 64-73 and will have to deal with another losing season. It is nice that they took care of business against one of their rivals, but now they need to have the same success against everyone else in the NL East. The 12-6 record might have a lot to do with the Phillies being bad, but you still have to go out there and take care of business.

There is nothing like taking care of a division rival. The Mets have handled the Phillies, but have had their fair share of problems with the rest of the division. As they continue to build up to being a contender, they must be successful within division play. It is essential that they do so because so much of the schedule is made up of division games. Even though it may not mean much, it is always great to see the Mets knock off the Phillies.

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