Toronto Blue Jays Had Little Reason to Trade for John Mayberry Jr.

By David Miller
John Mayberry Jr.
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The Toronto Blue Jays have made a few runs at the American League East and technically are still within lengthy striking distance of the Wildcard lead. All in all, they can say that the 2014 season has been much better overall. However, it is a little bit late to think that one trade for a non-star player would do anything to change things. Yet the Jays traded with the Philadelphia Phillies for John Mayberry, Jr.

Though they only gave up a minor leaguer, Gustavo Pierre, the Jays cannot really gain anything this season by this trade. Mayberry certainly can hit fairly well against left-handed pitching and could find himself in a platoon role that might show some success but the Jays are out of the races for the most part. It might have been a better decision to wait on any such trade and see what players would be available during the offseason.

One can only assume that the Jays like what they see in the success Mayberry has against left-handed pitching. Still, it is a little silly to think that Mayberry could be impactful enough to move the Jays towards the postseason. Considering that fact, the Jays probably should have held on to their minor league prospect, rode out the season and hoped for a different player during the down time this winter.

It is what it is and at this point Mayberry probably cannot hurt the chances of the Jays. Perhaps the future of Mayberry, who still has a couple of years of control left, is simply more promising than the future of Pierre in the opinion of the Jays. Either way, what’s done is done and the Jays need a ton more than an added platoon man to win anything this year.

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