Cincinnati Reds: Jonathan Broxton Trade Nothing More Than A Salary Dump

By Illya Harrell
jonathan broxton traded
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Reliever Jonathan Broxton was traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Milwaukee Brewers in a waiver deal that shows the Reds have finally thrown in this season’s towel, and that GM Walt Jocketty is not in a coma or laid up in a nursing home without access to a telephone. For Reds fans, it’s a shame to see one of their two reliable arms sent to another NL Central team, but last-minute beggars can’t be choosers.

Cincinnati will not be responsible for Broxton’s $11 million he’s to be owed over the rest of this season or next. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they will be losing a guy who has resurrected his career and, other than Aroldis Chapman, was one of the two non-nail-biting worthy relievers in their bullpen.

In exchange for the former MLB All-Star, the Reds are set to receive two players to be named later. Jocketty says one player has already been determined and the other will come off a list provided by Milwaukee. The Reds GM also said, “I think the players we are getting back are both guys who will contribute in the next couple of years at the major league level.” That’s a sure sign the man is suffering mental decay.

While it is understandable that Jocketty needed to say something to save his keister, this trade is nothing more than a salary dump, and the likelihood of either player seeing the majors is unrealistic.

With the Reds cash-strapped to improve their dismal offense, dumping $11 million is a smart move. The team will gain another $4 million when they don’t re-sign Ryan Ludwick, who is making $8.5 million per year, but are on the hook for his absurd $4.5 million buyout clause.

With a total of $15 million, the Reds can do a number of things. If Jocketty loses his job (not likely), they could use the money for a legit left fielder. If owner Bob Castellini decides to keep Jocketty as reported, expect the GM to lure Scott Rolen out of retirement and ink him to a five-year deal.

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