Houston Astros Were Wrong To Fire Bo Porter the Way They Did

By David Miller
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The news that Bo Porter was fired as manager of the Houston Astros came down and went over like a ton of bricks.

When Porter was announced as the manager for the Astros before the start of the 2013 season, it was clear that the team was finally going in the right direction and that Porter was a big part of it. He was never conventional in the way he did anything, but it worked well with the ridiculously young and inexperienced team he had to work with.

When he took the job as manager of this team he knew the main goal was to get them to the point where they did not lose 100 games each season. Porter has done that and now he gets fired? This is a classless move by GM Jeff Luhnow. To fire the man now when the team is this close to achieving the goal of 63 wins in a season is easily the most heartless move of the MLB season.

Managers get fired and most everyone in the game understands that, but to fire Porter right now in this way was not to fire a manager. It was to send a message. Luhnow and the team brass wanted to send a message that business would be handled in what they consider to be the right way. Anyone who does things differently than the way they want it will be out the door. What a ridiculous move to make when these players have trusted the leadership of Porter for two years now.

Some will say that Porter aired the team’s dirty laundry and that is a move that will hurt his career. That may well be true, but there is another side to this as well. Now any manager who gets hired by the Astros will need to understand that they will do what the bosses say in the way they say it or they’ll get canned in a classless way as well.

For a team headed in the right direction when it comes to play on the field to do something like this is just wrong. It puts the business side of baseball ahead of the play on the field, which is not right. It is way more wrong than anything Porter did. He will get another job managing soon, and this time around he will have better talent to work with.

Here is to him having good luck and better bosses next time around.

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