Beating New York Yankees Never Gets Old For Boston Red Sox

By spencergerman
The best rivalry in baseball never loses it's luster
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The Boston Red Sox 2014 season has been a forgettable one for sure, but even though they sit in last place in the AL East, beating the New York Yankees is still fun.

It’s one of those things that will never get old for Red Sox fans. Whether the teams are championship contenders or struggling, like this year, when Boston and New York square off there are high stakes. There are always some big time bragging rights between the two squads. It’s just plain fun to watch.

Tonight’s 9-4 win in favor of the Red Sox was a solid start to the three game series, which pushed their head-to-head record with the Yankees to 6-8 in 2014. Not their best by any means, but with five games to go against their biggest rival, there are still plenty of opportunities to salvage the season to an extent.

Now I know beating the Yankees, even going a perfect 19-0 against them, doesn’t equal a championship like we saw less than a year ago, but it sure does give the Red Sox and their loyal fans at least one thing to brag about all offseason long.

With baseball becoming more and more of a regional sport every year, those teams have two of the largest markets in MLB. It’s nice to know that, no matter how dismal both Boston and New York may be on occasion, the bitter rivals will always get views and spark some kind of interest.

So with a title defense well out of reach for the Red Sox this season, here’s to five more games to beat the Yankees’ butts!

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