New York Mets: It Looks Like David Wright Spoke Too Soon About His Bat

By Robert DeVita
David Wright
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A day ago, New York Mets captain David Wright said “It’s nice to feel dangerous at the plate again.” Well, it looks like he spoke a bit too soon. It has been no secret that Wright has severely struggled since the All-Star break. Just when things started to look like they were getting better Wright might have had his worst night at the plate of the season going o-5 with four strikeouts in tonight’s 4-3 win over the Miami Marlins.

The past couple of days, things were beginning to look better for Wright at the plate. In the three games prior to tonight, he was 6-12 with six RBIs. He started to drive the ball and even recorded his first extra-base hit since Aug 7. He was starting to look like the David Wright that the Mets are used to seeing, but tonight was a step right back in the wrong direction.

It’s like he’s going one step forward and two steps back. That looks to be the theme for Wright here in 2014, because anytime he seems to get going it comes to a screeching halt just like that. Whether it was dealing with injury or trying to get out of a slump, things just haven’t gone Wright’s way in 2014. On Wednesday night, he picked up the dreaded golden sombrero to add onto his list of misfortunes for 2014.

The good news is that the season is almost over and Wright needs the end of the season to come quicker. He needs to get healthy this offseason first and foremost. Once he is fully healthy, he needs to figure out how to get right at the plate. He certainly cannot afford to have another season like this one because truthfully it was a waste of a year for the Mets captain.

Wright is a great ball player, who has stumbled upon some tough times right now, but I just found those comments to be very ironic. As soon as he said that I almost knew he was due for a bad game, and it happened. The most important thing is regardless of how Wright performed this evening his teammates were able to pick him up. How the team performs as a whole out weighs any one player’s performance, and the Mets were not only able to pick up a win tonight, but a series win over the Marlins as well.

It seems like Wright just can’t catch a break right now and that is what happens when someone falls into a season long slump. It’s just tough to watch this guy go out there and see him give it his all, but the production is just not coming. This season has been a wash for David Wright, but I am going to make a bold statement right now and say 2015 Wright will have his best season with the Mets since 2008. He is way over due for a huge year, and in 2015, he is going to make it happen.


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