San Francisco Giants' Biggest Weakness So Far In 2016

By Nick Vorholt

Just like it seems there’s a conversation every year that the Colorado Rockies don’t have enough pitching, it seems like the San Francisco Giants lack outfield depth every year. Despite being the fourth or fifth outfielder, Gregor Blanco always seems to find a way into the starting lineup. It’s this lack of outfield depth that is the Giants’ biggest weakness in the first half of 2016.

With the injury to Hunter Pence, the Giants will lose power and OBP in the exchange to Blanco. So far in 2016, the Giants have produced a .285/.376/.448 stat line out of right field. Blanco is hitting .254/.332/.349. That is a drop off in OBS of well over 100 points. The OBP would drop the Giants from second in MLB to 19th. Blanco is a plus defender, but they still need offense from right.

The only top prospect ready to play in the outfield is Jarrett Parker. Mac Williamson just got the call up as the top ranked outfield prospect, but he is still making the transition from pitcher to everyday player. Last year it looked like Parker might have an impact on the 2016 playoff race. He helped, but in the end the Giants ended up 13 games out of the wild card chase.

That is it for the Giants’ outfield depth. It appeared that Josh Reddick would be the perfect fit to replace Angel Pagan in left, but Reddick’s injury means he may stay in Oakland. The market for outfielders is very thin as the weather heats up.

The Giants have done this before. They will continue to play to their pitchers and their ballpark. They know that they have some of the best defensive outfielders in the game. It will end up being okay, as long as no one runs into the wall, figuratively or literally.

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