Jonny Gomes Makes Boston Red Sox Fans Forget Why They Hate Him So Much

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I want to hate Jonny Gomes, I really do. Last night’s walk-off home run by the backup outfielder in the Boston Red Sox‘ 2-1 win over the San Diego Padres temporarily makes this a lot harder though. Going into June, […]

John Lackey Has Surpassed Clay Buchholz As Boston Red Sox’ Best Pitcher

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Am I living in some sort of bizarro world? Has John Lackey really become the MVP of the Boston Red Sox? He’s got a pretty good case. The Red Sox have the best record in the American League due to […]

Welcome Back Boston Bruins’ Fans: Your Red Sox Are In 1st Place

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  The Stanley Cup Playoffs seemed to last an eternity for you Boston Bruins‘ fans. Although their disappointing loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 6 was heartbreaking, the good news is you have a lot to look forward to this summer. Welcome back to MLB. Your Boston […]

John Farrell, Steroids, Bad Umps Cost Boston Red Sox Games In Detroit

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The Boston Red Sox still have the best record in the American League. However, their two game lead over the Baltimore Orioles should really be four games after they were robbed this weekend in Detroit by the three headed monster […]

Useless MLB Umpires Cost Boston Red Sox With Blown Call In Detroit

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about MLB, it’s that common sense never prevails. Of the four major sports (basketball, hockey, baseball, football), baseball is far and away the easiest to officiate. The refereeing is terrible in basketball, but it’s […]

Boston Red Sox Don’t Want To See Detroit Tigers In Playoffs

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I really hope the Boston Red Sox don’t have to play the Detroit Tigers in the playoffs. Last night we were reminded that the Red Sox may have the top record in the American League, but they don’t have a […]

Boston Red Sox’ Jon Lester Bailed Out By Offense

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If the Boston Red Sox keep hitting like they did last night in Detroit, it won’t matter that Jon Lester has become an ineffective shell of his former self. In last night’s 10-6 win over the Detroit Tigers, Lester continued […]

If Jhonny Peralta Did Steroids, Do Boston Red Sox Get Win Back?

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As a Boston Red Sox fan, I’m upset that the team lost on a blown save from Andrew Bailey to the Detroit Tigers last night. I’ll be outraged though if it turns out that the player who hit the game winning […]

Boston Red Sox Getting Contributions From Least Likely Places

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  With the Boston Red Sox sitting at 44-29 and holding the best record in the American League, you would be led to believe that they’re following the usual recipe for a winning franchise: get behind your stars and don’t […]

Terrible Pitching Matchups Make For Interesting Boston Red Sox-Tampa Bay Rays Series

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When I get tickets to a Boston Red Sox game, the first thing I generally think is, “please don’t let this be an Aceves or Doubront game.” Buying tickets to this week’s three-game series between the Red Sox and Tampa […]

Baltimore Orioles Are Driving This Tired Boston Red Sox Fan Crazy

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I’d like to get some sleep at some point this week, but the hometown teams won’t let me. I’d also like to request that if they are going to keep me up to all hours of the night and make […]

Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia’s Lie Helps Beat Baltimore Orioles

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Sometimes acting skills can be a valuable asset in a professional athlete. In other sports, a good flopper can sell a call to an official in a crucial moment. In baseball, you just need a good lobbyist. The Boston Red Sox […]