Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs Series Preview, TV Schedule

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

Minnesota Twins Offering Bloody Mary With Cheeseburger ‘Garnish’

Minnesota Twins

MLB teams seem to really be stepping up their concession stand/restaurant game these days. Last week we heard about the $17 full helmet sundae from the Chicago White Sox. This week, it’s all about Bloody Marys in Minneapolis. Check out […]

Jonny Gomes Wears Amazing American Flag Blazer to Meet President Obama

Jonny Gomes

After winning the World Series last fall, it was time for the Boston Red Sox to make their visit to the White House on Tuesday. It’s a tradition for many championship teams, and for some, it’s considered a once in […]

Opening Day 2014: Chicago Cubs Make History, Lose in Typical Fashion

Chicago Cubs

That didn’t take long. To the surprise of no one, the Chicago Cubs already have a losing recording in 2014. How did they accomplish this? By failing to score a run on Opening Day against the Pittsburgh Pirates. But don’t […]

Brian Wilson Looked Like He Rolled Out of Bed For Season Opener

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is different. For the most part, that’s a good thing. We have far too many generic people in this world today. But at the same time, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going through Wilson’s head on any […]

With No Other Choice, Milwaukee Brewers Fans Embrace Ryan Braun

Ryan Bruan

It’s not often that convicted cheaters get standing ovations in sports. But that’s exactly what Ryan Braun got on Opening Day 2014. In his first game back since being banned for 65 games in 2013, Braun was greeted by basically […]

Bryce Harper Gets Leg To Face, Concussion Test Minutes Into Opening Day 2014


Bryce Harper has been called an old school player since he entered the big leagues back in 2012. He plays hard and he runs the bases like a madman. That’s not something you can say about all MLB stars. But […]

Alex Rodriguez’s Nephew Hits Eight Straight Home Runs

A-Rod Yankees

It’s a shame that Alex Rodriguez‘s name has come up on Opening Day 2014. This is the year many baseball fans have been waiting for, as the cheating third baseman has finally been banned from the game. But even though […]

Mike Trout Gets Contract Extension, But It’s Not Worth Miguel Cabrera Money

Mike Trout

It seemed like it was only going to be a matter of time before Mike Trout got paid. With Miguel Cabrera receiving an eight-year/$248 million extension, we all knew the Los Angeles Angels had to keep pace by paying their […]

MLB Gets It Right With Increased Suspensions for PED Users

Bud Selig

After being rocked once again by a PED scandal in 2013, MLB is stepping up to the plate in 2014 with new punishments for users. There’s no doubt that MLB has come along way in the last decade with punishments […]

Cleveland Indians Closer Letting Fans Choose His 9th Inning Entrance Music

Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians are hoping for a great season from their new closer John Axford. After spending the last five years in Milwaukee (and a brief stint in St. Louis), Axford signed on in Cleveland with hopes of becoming a […]

Derek Jeter Is Great, But He’s Not the 11th Greatest Leader In the World

Derek Jeter

Is Derek Jeter the best leader in MLB? Probably. Is he even in the discussion of greatest leaders outside of the sports world? I didn’t think so, but apparently he is. At least that’s what CNN’s Fortune Magazine says. According […]