Atlanta Braves Hit the Jackpot With Aaron Harang


I don’t think anyone could have predicted the year Aaron Harang is having so far this season with the Atlanta Braves. After being released by the Cleveland Indians in Spring Training, even Harang might have wondered whether or not he would […]

Is Jason Heyward Turning the Corner for Atlanta Braves?


Anyone who has watched the Atlanta Braves this season knows that the pitching has been the strength so far, but things seem to be changing for the offense. Lately, the offense has seen an increase in the number of runs […]

Could Atlanta Braves’ Julio Teheran Win the NL Cy Young Award?


After another dominating performance on the mound today against the Colorado Rockies, Julio Teheran is starting to emerge as a legitimate NL Cy Young candidate. The Atlanta Braves‘ starting pitcher has been a force to be reckoned with ever since his […]

Atlanta Braves Need To Give Up On B.J. Upton


The time has come for the Atlanta Braves to give up on B.J. Upton. The outfielder has been terrible ever since joining the team a season ago, and enough is enough if you ask me. He showed some promising signs […]

Evan Gattis Makes the Atlanta Braves Forget About Brian McCann


If Evan Gattis continues to perform the way he has so far this year, the Atlanta Braves and their fans may soon forget about the departure of Brian McCann this offseason. This is especially true when he turns in performances […]

Atlanta Braves Have to Be Encouraged About Mike Minor’s Debut


After starting the season on the DL because of tightness in his shoulder, Mike Minor finally made his debut for the Atlanta Braves tonight. The lefty didn’t have his best stuff out there, but the Braves have to be encouraged […]

Atlanta Braves’ Offense Needs To Wake Up


Where is the help for the dominant pitching of the Atlanta Braves? Game after game fans have to witness great efforts on the mound from the Braves’ starting pitchers only to watch the offense not hold up their end of […]

Is Atlanta Braves’ B.J. Upton Rounding Back Into Form?


Not many players on the Atlanta Braves have faced the pressure like B.J. Upton has in his short time with the team. When GM Frank Wren signed him to a five-year contract worth $72.5 million, many fans believed they were getting […]

Max Scherzer Bounces Back, Shows Cy Young Form in Win Over Los Angeles Angels


SP Max Scherzer didn’t look so hot in his previous start against the San Diego Padres, but today he pitched great in order to stifle a red-hot Los Angeles Angels team. After giving up four runs in only five innings of […]

Atlanta Braves Prove Why They Own Washington Nationals With A Sweep


Sorry, Washington Nationals, but the Atlanta Braves own you in this rivalry. You can have all of the media attention and hype you want before the season, because when the season actually starts, the Braves have no problem beating you. […]

Atlanta Braves’ Dan Uggla Needs To Either Step Up Or Take A Seat


I have defended Dan Uggla probably more than anyone over the last few years during his time with the Atlanta Braves, but after tonight even I might be done with his antics. It’s time for him to either step up […]

Justin Upton’s Big Night Is Great News For Atlanta Braves


Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Upton has arrived for the Atlanta Braves. After getting off to a slow start to begin the season, Upton delivered a monster performance with his bat against the New York Mets to officially declare an end […]