Eric Kratz Ready to Start 2013

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Last season, Eric Kratz found his big break in the MLB. In his third season in the majors, and second with the Philadelphia Phillies, Kratz split time with Brian Schneider when Carlos Ruiz injured his foot. Ruiz will be serving a 25 game suspension to begin the 2013 […]

Cole Hamels’ Time To Shine Has Arrived

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Cole Hamels has been considered one of the best players on the Philadelphia Phillies since he helped lead them to a world series championship in 2008, where he won MVP of the NLCS and world series that year. Hamels had been the clear […]

Can Leaving the Spotlight Help the Philadelphia Phillies?

Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies

For the first time in a few years, the Philadelphia Phillies are not one of the most talked abut teams in the MLB. While some people are wondering why they are not being talked about, despite still having talent on the team, it is […]

Ryan Howard Does Not Deserve All the Blame That is Thrown His Way

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Ryan Howard was one of the many Philadelphia Phillies who struggled last season. He also is one of the biggest targets when it comes to throwing the blame around. In reality Howard has not only been a great teammate in the locker room, […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ GM Optimistic About 2013

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There has been a lot of question marks and negativity surrounding the Philadelphia Phillies entering spring training this year, but one person is staying optimistic. As the first official workout of 2013 began for the Phillies, season expectations were being […]

Reasons to Be Excited for the Philadelphia Phillies This Season

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies

Pitchers and catchers of the Philadelphia Phillies will report to Clearwater, FL in less than two days to begin spring training. Most years during this time there is excitement surrounding spring training and a new Phillies season. This year, however many […]

Roy Halladay May Be Key to Successful 2013 in Philly

Roy Halladay Philadelphia Phillies

2012 was a rough year for the Philadelphia Phillies altogether, but Roy Halladay  specifically had one of the his worst years in the MLB. Halladay dealt with a nagging shoulder injury for most of the season and it lead to him […]