Cubs Actions Before Trade Deadline are Crucial

With the Major League Baseball trade deadline approaching on July 31st, the Cubs have some critical work to do.  It’s become apparent at this point, with a 38-58 record, the Cubs must do whatever they can to improve their team […]

Cubs Fantasy Baseball

When you’re a true baseball fan, it almost seems like you cannot get enough of the sport.  You’ll watch games from all over the league, catch highlights, read articles and books, play video games, etc.  Today, one of the most […]

Can Starlin Castro be the next MVP?

When Derrick Rose was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, the sky was the limit. His first season in the NBA showed the tenacity of a superstar and a work ethic that was unmatched. He did not shy away from the […]

Mike Quade Outmatched as Manager

It was a long journey for Mike Quade to finally become a major league manager, and it’s become apparent why this was the case.   At the All-Star break, Quade’s 2011 record with the Cubs stands at an abysmal 37-55, which […]

Go, “Campanas,” Go!

If the title to the Cubs well-known victory anthem were to suddenly be renamed to celebrate their under-qualified outfielder, it would not come as a surprise to me.  Sure, the title isn’t as catchy and doesn’t flow, but all of […]