Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun Proves To Be Just Another Liar, Coward In MLB’s PED Battle

Ryan Braun

At this point, I don’t even know why I’m surprised anymore. It’s like a broken record. A ballplayer gets accused of using performance enhancing drugs. He then denies it vehemently, emphasizing it with something between a Rafael Palmeiro finger-wag and […]

Minnesota Twins Take Talents To South Beach To Face Miami Marlins

Josh Willingham of the Minnesota Twins

On Tuesday evening, the Minnesota Twins will kick off a two-game trip to South Beach to take on the Miami Marlins. For the Twins, the series against the National League’s worst team looks like a great matchup, but they’ll still […]

MLB’s Deal With Tony Bosch Appears Promising, But We May Never See End Of PED Battle

Rick Osentoski - USA Today Sports

The biggest story in baseball right now is sadly not about anything that is happening on the field. At first glance, it would appear encouraging that MLB has come to an arrangement with Tony Bosch, founder of Biogenesis Clinic in Miami, […]

Minnesota Twins: Pitching Must Improve To Win Against Boston Red Sox


For the Minnesota Twins, the upcoming series against the Boston Red Sox is going to be a barometer for the rest of the regular season. Following a series loss to the Chicago White Sox, the Twins’ high-powered offense is being […]