Detroit Tigers Finally Have Speed For 2014 Season

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If the expression that speed kills applied to anyone it would directly apply to the Detroit Tigers. For years the Tigers were a team that ran slower than a elderly softball league, and while there are still some players who […]

The 5 Most Underrated Players on the Detroit Tigers

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Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander Injury Brings Concerns

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When Justin Verlander had surgery at the beginning of this month it seemed like a harmless surgery that was only going to impact the very beginning of spring training. That was the thought until Dave Dombrowski spoke to the media […]

Nelson Cruz Not A Fit For Detroit Tigers

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Rumors have swirled this week that the Detroit Tigers are the team that Nelson Cruz is most likely to land with. Why would a guy whose eye twitches when he sees Andy Dirks as the starting left fielder be opposed […]

Masahiro Tanaka Deal Helps Detroit Tigers’ Max Scherzer

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If you see a man with dollar signs in his eyes you are probably looking at Max Scherzer. I mean if an unproven pitcher can land $150 million in this market then what is a Cy Young award winning, power […]

Detroit Tigers Smart To Avoid Masahiro Tanaka

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The New York Yankees are trying on a new perfume that the Detroit Tigers smartly passed on; it’s called desperation. In a deal that is unprecedented the Yankees made Masahiro Tanaka the fifth highest paid pitcher in all of baseball […]

Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez Must Protect Miguel Cabrera

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It is a thankless job that doesn’t really command the respect it deserves. No, I’m not talking about my craft fair bracelet company; I’m talking about protecting Miguel Cabrera in the lineup. It has been a struggle over the years […]

5 Biggest Concerns For 2014 Detroit Tigers

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Detroit Tigers Wise to Take Slow Approach On Max Scherzer

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Call it the calm before the storm — the appetizer before the main meal — but the Detroit Tigers took a big direction in a relatively small move. By signing Max Scherzer to a one-year deal worth over $15 million […]

Brad Ausmus Brings New Style To Detroit Tigers

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Brad Ausmus is nothing like Jim Leyland. If you couldn’t tell that by the looks of them, or the attitude of them, or the fact Ausmus isn’t smoking and drinking hard liquor during his press conference then you must have […]

5 Detroit Tigers Players Who Must Perform To Keep Their Jobs

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Alex Avila Needs To Bounce Back For Detroit Tigers

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Alex Avila has been a really puzzling player in his time in a Detroit Tigers uniform. He is an incredible guy who has the ability to stabilize a clubhouse and really brings a passion into what he does. Then there […]