Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander Has Surgery As Fans Hold Their Breath

Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander was doing his offseason conditioning program in December when something didn’t feel right. If this sounds familiar it is because Victor Martinez two years ago also suffered an injury during his offseason workout program in December which ended […]

Detroit Tigers’ Ian Kinsler Poised For Breakout Season

Tim Heitman- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers traded for Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder, but most Tigers fans completely forgot we got anyone in that trade let alone an All-Star second baseman. When the trade was announced so many Tigers fans were so thrilled […]

Detroit Tigers Depending On Andy Dirks

Tim Fuller- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers had a broad selection of candidates heading into free agency this offseason when it came to picking their left fielder. It was a done deal in everyone’s mind that the Tigers were going to be major players […]

Detroit Tigers’ Next Move Must Be Re-Signing Max Scherzer

Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

We were all prepared to move on from Max Scherzer this winter; it seemed that the budget just wasn’t there to justify keeping him over say Miguel Cabrera. This winter was supposed to be the big trade which would send […]

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Detroit Tigers Cannot Afford Masahiro Tanaka

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The sweepstakes for Masahiro Tanaka is getting more and more intense by the day, but as it gets more intense the more the Detroit Tigers should realize that they cannot afford to spend upwards of $100 million on a pitcher […]

Detroit Tigers Should Not Pursue Nelson Cruz

Kevin Jairaj- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers need a left fielder, and the only real big name left on the free agent market is Nelson Cruz. So, it is only logical to think that the Tigers should be desperately trying to sign Cruz right? […]

Detroit Tigers Not Rebuilding, But Retooling

David Manning- USA TODAY Sports

A lot of talk has been going on within baseball circles that the Detroit Tigers are cutting payroll and maybe dialing back their budget. That talk has been consistent with a lot of what you hear from Tigers fans as […]

Detroit Tigers’ Secret Weapon Is Drew Smyly

Kyle Terada- USA TODAY Sports

Many Detroit Tigers fans were shocked and confused when Doug Fister was traded away and for good reason, but the Tigers do have a secret weapon up their sleeve to counteract that trade, and his name is Drew Smyly. Smyly […]

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Detroit Tigers Need To Avoid Matt Kemp

Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

Why is it that every time a player with a $100 million contract hits the market, the first team out of everyone’s lips for pursuing that player is the Detroit Tigers? Well, maybe it is because the Tigers have in […]

Detroit Tigers Are Counting On Nick Castellanos

Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers haven’t had a lot of big time prospects in the past few years. However, Nick Castellanos has been the one guy that even Dave Dombrowski, the man most famous for being willing to trade his mother if it got […]