Top 10 of the Boldest Trade Ideas for MLB Teams This Winter

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Prince Fielder Would be a Terrible Mistake For the Chicago Cubs

With Dale Sveum now the manager of the Chicago Cubs, Prince Fielder is now likely to land in Chicago to play for the Cubs. Of course, that depends on who you talk too. I know 99% of the Cubs fan […]

Boston Red Sox Plan on Talking to Bobby Valentine

So much for the Boston Red Sox managerial search being over. All of a sudden that seems to be the job no one wants as Dale Sveum took the Chicago Cubs job today. With that being said, the Boston Red […]

Hanley Ramirez Doesn’t Want To Change Positions: Miami Marlins Have Dilemma

What a surprise, Hanley Ramirez is upset that if the Miami Marlins bring in Jose Reyes, he’ll be forced to change positions for the good of the team. Is anyone else tired of this spoiled, self serving, and mainly over […]

Albert Pujols Will Not Be Taking His Talents To South Beach


I have to give the Miami Marlins some props for taking a leap of faith and sending a 9 year 200 million dollar offer to Albert Pujols. I mean, that’s great for a team accused of being cheap. I love […]

Terry Francona Not Managing in 2012?


Terry Francona has apparently decided he will not manage anywhere in 2012. This is a little surprising to me as I thought he would want to jump right back into the fire, but apparently that’s not the case. Reports surfaced […]

Ranking The Best Player on Every Major League Baseball Team

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Top Five Candidates For NL MVP

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Milwaukee Brewers Not Offering Contract to Prince Fielder?

The Milwaukee Brewers know their about to lose their slugger. It’s been reported that the Brewers will not be offering a contract to Prince Fielder, and that does not surprise me. I believe that the Brewers know they have no […]

MLB Predictions: Predicting the Next 8 World Series Teams

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Major League Baseball Should Ban Players from Playing in Venezuela

The Wilson Ramos kidnapping was certainly a frightening situation for a lot of people involved. His family and Ramos first and most of all, but there were other people affected by it. Major League Baseball, fans, players, and people across […]

The Philadelphia Phillies Get the Award for Worst Contract of the Offseason: Jonathan Papelbon

There’s always a contract that makes me scratch my head. A few years ago, it was my beloved Chicago Cubs giving Alfonso Soriano 8 years for over 130 million. Either way, lets fast forward to this winter. With a free […]