Who Is the Real Problem on Chicago White Sox?

Paul Konerko

Oh captain! My captain! Where have you gone? Since no one wants to acknowledge the fact that the captain of the Chicago White Sox is one of the worst players in all of baseball, I guess I will be the one who […]

Chicago White Sox OF Dayan Viciedo Is Turning a Corner

Dayan Viciedo Chicago White Sox

Dayan learned how to hit — uh oh. Similar to Happy Gilmore and putting, Chicago White Sox‘ Dayan Viciedo has returned to the lineup with a bang. Ever since Viciedo made his debut with the Sox, one could easily see the raw […]

5 MLB Managers Who Are on the Hot Seat

Jake Roth-USA Today Sports

Chicago White Sox Need to Fire Jeff Manto Immediately

Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports

Some titles really do not need an explanation, and this is one of those titles. The Chicago White Sox need to fire their hitting coach, Jeff Manto, immediately for his ineptitude. I try not to be that person that blames the coaches for […]

Chicago White Sox SP Jake Peavy’s Competitiveness Could Worsen His Back Injury

Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox

If anyone on the Chicago White Sox has the will to win, it would be starting pitcher Jake Peavy.  I highly doubt there is a pitcher who competes more than the former Cy Young winner. Seemingly every pitch Peavy throws is a war […]

Chicago White Sox Need to Give Jordan Danks an Extended Look

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Although Jordan Danks might not have had a stellar day running the bases yesterday, it was a day to remember for the young Chicago White Sox outfielder. The younger brother of the rehabbing John Danks hit the game-winning home run against the Kansas City Royals, giving […]

Chicago White Sox Need to Stop Using 1983 Team as Crutch

Dennis Wierzbicki - USA TODAY Sports

They may be wearing the same uniforms for every Sunday home game, but that’s where the connection ends between the 2013 Chicago White Sox and the 1983 version of the team. After starting the season with a 12-17 record, the 1983 […]

Chicago White Sox Will Miss Gavin Floyd’s Mediocrity

Gavin Floyd Chicago White Sox

Since Chicago White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd left early from his start last week, there have been rumblings that the 30-year old veteran would have to get Tommy John surgery. Well, there are no more rumblings — it’s a flat out fact. Floyd will […]

Robin Ventura Continues to Make Bad Decisions Against Kansas City Royals

Robin Ventura Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox went 6-12 against the Kansas City Royals last season, and that record was basically the difference between the White Sox winning the American League Central and losing the division. It’s rather obvious that the Royals have some sort of mental […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Roy Halladay Is Proving Spring Training Scouts Were Right

Roy Halladay - April 19 - Howard Smith

I remember in Spring Training when Jayson Stark tweeted out something very disconcerting about the Philadelphia Phillies‘ Roy Halladay. I don’t remember the tweet verbatim, but he basically said that scouts were saying that Halladay could no longer finish hitters. Coming off a season where he […]

Milwaukee Brewers’ Carlos Gomez Proving Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I remember when I first saw Carlos Gomez play for the Minnesota Twins and thought to myself that this guy has the chance to be something very special. Maybe not as special as Hawk Harrelson thought — claiming that he would become the next Rickey Henderson, but […]

Collectively, Chicago White Sox Offense Has a Negative WAR

Jeff Keppinger Chicago White Sox

If you thought the offense of the Chicago White Sox was bad, you couldn’t possibly be more right about anything in your life. As it stands right now, the entire offense has a -0.2 fWAR. That’s right, folks — the entire offense […]