Boston Red Sox Lead City’s Claim as Top Sports Town

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On a sports radio talk show the other day, a lively and heated debate arose about sports towns, big markets vs. small markets, money, population and championships. This got me thinking: Which city has been the most successful sports town? Is […]

NL East First Quarter Review: Are The Miami Marlins For Real?

Giancarlo Stanton

I started a series of articles to review the 2014 MLB season at the quarter mark. Previously, I discussed the Oakland Athletics and the continued success of Billy Beane‘s moneyball concepts. I also reviewed the AL East pennant race. Here, […]

Oakland Athletics, Billy Beane And Moneyball Are Really That Good

Billy Beane

I recently started a series of articles about pennant races, surprises and other items of interest at the quarter point of the 2014 MLB season.  Previously, I discussed the AL East pennant race and the surprising Baltimore Orioles. Here, I’ll take a […]

2014 AL East Parity: Are The Baltimore Orioles Really That Good?

Fenway Park

We are almost at the one-quarter mark in the 2014 MLB season, and there is a logjam for first place in the American League East. The Baltimore Orioles are currently in first place, but the New York Yankees and Boston […]

New York Mets’ Jenrry Mejia, MLB Starting Pitchers and Stamina

Jenrry Mejia

On Saturday, New York Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia was cruising through five innings before giving up five earned runs in the sixth inning. This led baseball fans to say that Mejia can’t last more than five innings. Early in the 2014 season, […]

2014 MLB Season: Run Pools

Colorado Rockies Stadium

Some MLB fans participate in a “run pool” where teams get credit for “run squares” in a similar way to bingo.  The winner is the team that covers all run squares from zero runs to 13 runs. The most common […]

Oddsmakers’ Expectations Too Low for New York Mets in 2014

Bartolo Colon

Spring training is starting up and so is talk about the 2014 season. For the upcoming MLB season, the New York Mets are mostly an afterthought. Most baseball analysts do not expect the Mets to contend with the most favorable […]

MLB Starting Pitchers: High Return and High Risk

Stephen Strasburg

In a recent article, I wrote about the high return but high risk of NFL quarterbacks. This got me thinking about MLB pitchers, especially with injuries to young phenoms like New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and Washington Nationals pitcher […]