Junichi Tazawa Is An Unsung Hero For Boston

Tazawa pitching

Sometimes on an MLB team, the hardest and most unheralded role is that of the set-up man. While they don’t have the glamour and recognition that a closer does, they often have the even more challenging task of coming in […]

Boston Red Sox Nation: Xander Bogaerts is Ready

Xander Bogaerts Is Ready

There seems to be more and more fans in Red Sox Nation who appear to be growing worried with how badly the Boston Red Sox have started. It almost is getting to the point where they are starting to press […]

Boston Red Sox Acting Like a Small Market Team

Jon Lester

One sportswriter that I have always admired has been Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. I love how he writes and what he writes about it and that he is honest. I sometimes find myself not agreeing with what he […]

Should The Boston Red Sox Overhaul Their Outfield?

Should the Boston Red Sox Overhaul Their Outfield?

The Boston Red Sox have been struggling so far this season. One of the reasons is because they haven’t had right fielder Shane Victorino at all so far this season; it should be a boost when he returns to his usual position. […]

Boston Red Sox Can’t Get Healthy This Year

Boston Red Sox are struggling this season

When a team goes on an improbable championship run like the Boston Red Sox did last year, a lot has to go right and sometimes things have to be pretty much perfect. In Boston’s case, it was. One of the […]

Koji Uehara’s Injury Really Weakens Boston Red Sox

Uehara's injury

  Wow. I think I may have spoken way too soon when I wrote my previous article about Koji Uehara, the amazing reliever for the Boston Red Sox. I had mentioned that it felt good that Boston had an ace […]

Will Jon Lester Ever Get Run Support This Year?

Lester getting no run support yet again.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are facing each other in a four-game series this weekend. The Yankees took the first game and the same issues that Boston has been having continue to happen. Basically, the Red Sox have had […]

Koji Uehara is Boston Red Sox’s Answer to Mariano Rivera

Uehara celebrating

Let’s make one thing very clear. I am not saying that Koji Uehara of the Boston Red Sox is on the same level as the great Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees. No one is. Rivera is the greatest closer of […]

The Boston Red Sox Need To Shake Their Hangover

Farrell and Ryan Roberts

Red Sox Nation were all a little worried about what this season would look like after the totally unlikely and surprising World Series championship of last year. The season is still way too early to even think about panicking, however […]

Will the Boston Red Sox Find A Leadoff Hitter?

Sizemore stealing third base

It seems to have been downplayed quite a bit, but the loss of Jacoby Ellsbury seems to be affecting the Boston Red Sox more than they are letting on. Boston became really used to having a dynamic leadoff hitter getting […]

Jackie Bradley Jr. Could Make Decisions Tough For Boston Red Sox

Bradley doing it again

Jackie Bradley Jr. was one of the last roster cuts made by the Boston Red Sox during Spring Training. Grady Sizemore was playing an incredible center field and it was decided that there was no way possible to keep both […]

Why Picking Up Ryan Roberts Is A Concern For The Boston Red Sox

Why Ryan Roberts May Not Be A Great Move For Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox recently picked up Ryan Roberts. He does solve the problem of Boston lacking a major league everyday third baseman now that Will Middlebrooks is on the disabled list, however, it makes one wonder how injured Middlebrooks is. […]