Edition No. 2: 5 Best Toronto Blue Jays In The Second Half

SldSh Blue Jays Kirby Lee

Toronto Blue Jays: New Pitchers May Not Be Right For Rogers Centre

RA Dickey

When the Toronto Blue Jays completed the big offseason trades with the Miami Marlins and the New York Mets, fan excitement was at an all-time high. The poor results this season have been a constant reminder that the trades may not have […]

Toronto Blue Jays’ Josh Johnson Not Helping Fans’ Woes

Josh Johnson

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Josh Johnson is not helping any my blood pressure … or any fan’s, for that matter. After every Johnson start, I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and not let my frustration get the […]

Toronto Blue Jays: At Least Mark Buehrle Is Playing Well

Mark Buehrle

The Toronto Blue Jays have at least one starting pitcher playing well. Mark Buehrle has put together the best two-game stretch for any Blue Jays starting pitcher this season, having thrown 16 innings, seven hits, zero earned runs, 11 strikeouts, and […]

Toronto Blue Jays Need to Make Changes for Next Season

Mark Buehrle

The Toronto Blue Jays need to improve their pitching staff if they are going to be a playoff team next season. On paper, there is plenty of talent in the Blue Jays’ pitching depth chart, however, most of the talent has […]

The Toronto Blue Jays Playoff Drought Continues

Blue Jays

    Now that the Toronto Blue Jays have effectively ended the 2013 season with terrible pitching and untimely hitting, what are Blue Jays’ fans to root for (or against) for the rest of the season? The easiest answer to this question […]

Toronto Blue Jays Are Wasting Jose Bautista’s Prime

Jose Bautista

Watching another Toronto Blue Jays‘ season flame out before it has had a chance to fight for a playoff spot makes me dwell on another wasted year for Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Bautista and Encarnacion have carried this team […]

Toronto Blue Jays’ Todd Redmond Looks Like A Solid No. 5 Starter

Todd Redmond

The Toronto Blue Jays need to find solutions to their pitching woes, and Todd Redmond has presented himself as a possible solution for the no. 5 spot in the starting rotation. Redmond has made four starts in the month of July […]

Toronto Blue Jays Need To Build Some Momentum

Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Reyes Celebrate

With the Toronto Blue Jays playing consistently bad baseball, they needed something that can remedy their bad play and build some momentum. A series against the Houston Astros was just the thing to help a struggling team win a few games and […]

The Toronto Blue Jays Have Some Problems To Solve

Blue Jays During Better Times

The Toronto Blue Jays have been playing terrible baseball.  I have tried my hardest to look for all the positive and enjoyable moments baseball has to offer, however, I have decided to lift the ban on pondering bad baseball and […]

All Pitchers Should Work As Fast As Toronto Blue Jays’ Mark Buehrle

Mark Buehrle Throws Complete Game

All pitchers should work as fast as Toronto Blue Jays‘ starter Mark Buehrle. A fast-working pitcher helps the defense stay focused and improves the fan experience. More importantly, working fast helps gain an edge in many different areas. It can mean an […]

5 Best Toronto Blue Jays Since The All-Star Break

SldSh Blue Jays Tom Szczerbowski